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17 Feb 14 - 21:49

King of devil's island Credits:Directed by marius holst and Earrings starring stellan skarsgård, kristoffer joner, benjamin helstad, trond nilssen and morten løvstad. Details: (M), 116 mins, In Cinemas 3 May 2012, Norway / France / Tiffany UK Sale Sweden / Poland, Synopsis:A remote island in the oslo fjord, the bastoy boys home aims to reform badly behaved boys.Determined to both escape and reveal the institution's corruption, erling has to choose between himself and the friends he has won. Genres:Action, drama CAnberrA internAtionAl film festivAl:Set in An oppressive reform school on An isolAted norwegiAn islAnd in 1915, king of devil's islAnd offers An hour-And-A-Half on unrelentingly grim drama before shifting gears for a spectacular climax in its final 30 minutes. Technically well made and featuring fine performances, especially from stellan skarsgård as the school's governor, this norwegian academy best film winner suffers from a lack of emotional modulation and a ploddingly linear narrative, drawn from actual events, that makes it seem far longer than its two hour running time. The exciting final act is worth waiting for, but getting to it often feels like the mental equivalent of the tough physical slog forced on the Tiffany Watches UK school's young males. The tough school or borstal story tradition goes back way beyond film examples like peter mullan's magdalene sisters(2002)And allan clarke's scum(1979)To 19th century literary classics including jane eyre and oliver twist.That means the standard tropes(Sadistic housekeeper;Dungeon-Like environment;Governor's pet versus rebellious anti-Hero)Are well known to general audiences. Jim loach's recent oranges and sunshine recently took an inventive approach to this over-Familiarity by never depicting the sadism of the school experience, making it the hidden object of a present-Day investigation into past events.But for most of its length the marius holst-Directed devil's island brings nothing novel to the tradition.It offers little in the way of subplots, and no flashbacks or flashes forward that might break the monotony, add mystery and enrich the storytelling.Instead it concentrates on piling on the dourness, sadism and human misery. The film's anti-Hero, erling(Benjamin helstad), quickly renamed C-19(The boys all carry numbers rather than names), is an unattractive character who arrives with the reputation of being a murderer.Fortunately helstad is a joaquin phoenix lookalike with a powerful screen presence who makes his sullenly taciturn character, if not quite sympathetic, at least magnetic. The film starts with erling arriving at the prison island of bastøy.Quickly he realises the fellow inmates are cowed into submission.He doesn't waste time in hatching his escape plans, but with a treacherous stretch of water to cross, and only a single rowing boat to cross it with, it becomes clear he faces an almighty challenge. Skarsgård earns his star billing, his governor bestvreren a man who goes through the motions of having a conscience(He declares that he believes in being firm but not"Cruel")Without having the courage to commit to the obvious conclusions, nor the self-Knowledge to see his glaring hypocrisy. Visually, the film is composed almost entirely in greys, dark blues and black, which may capture the awfulness of the institution, but is laid on with almost sadistic glee.The ending certainly punches a hole in the pervading gloominess-As it needed to. A young chilean couple receives an unexpected visit from the girlfriend of the wife's deceased younger brother.As a love triangle forms between the visitor and her hosts, the couple begin to take stock of their lives, and look at what's making them so unhappy.The sweltering barcelona sun sets the backdrop for director andrés waissbluth's sharp psychological insight into a couple's grief.Stars pablo macaya, tamara garea and andrea garcia huidobro. (From chile, in spanish) (Drama) (2008) (Rpt)Ma(N, s) An elderly religious couple barricade themselves in their home and begin to fire pistols from their balcony for no apparent reason.When a camera crew films inspector montalbano and his men entering the home, they become overnight heroes.But the publicity brings out the oddballs, and a disturbed maniac begins to send montalbano strange riddles linked to the kidnapping and murder of a young girl.Directed by alberto sironi and stars luca zingaretti, cesare bocci and peppino mazzotta. (From italy, in italian) (Drama) (Rpt)M(L, v) A compelling and poignant tale of friendShip between two proStituteS Struggling to Survive life on the StreetS of madrid.Caye iS a young woman whoSe family iS unaware of her profeSSion.She meetS her Striking dominican neighbour zulema, an illegal alien who'S been badly beaten up.They Strike up a cloSe friendShip unbeknownSt to caye'S xenophobic co-WorkerS.Winner of the 2006 goya award for beSt actreSS(Candela pena).Directed by fernando león de aranoa and StarS candela pena, micaela nevárez and mariana cordero. (From Spain, in SpaniSh) (Drama) (2005) (Rpt)Ma(S) An oscAr-Winning mAsterpiece About A quAdriplegic's desire to die with dignity.BAsed on the true story of rAmón sAmpedro, who wAs left A quAdriplegic After A swimming Accident some 28 yeArs prior, the film focuses on the finAl months of rAmón's life And his Attempts to win the right to An Assisted suicide through the courts.Although this is A poignAnt And moving film, it is Also full of humour.Directed by AlejAndro AmenábAr And stArs jAvier bArdem, belén ruedA And lolA dueñAs. (From spAin, in spAnish) (DrAmA) (2004) (Rpt)M(A) As middle-Aged professor jon prepares to tie the knot with a student half his age, events conspire agaInst him.His future mother-In-Law is vehemently opposed to the marriage, his first wife won't get off his back, and his best man is never sober for long.Jon begins to question whether love is enough.Winner of seven icelandic edda awards in 2008, including best film.Directed by baltasar kormákur and stars hilmir snær guðnason, margrét vilhjálmsdóttir and laufey elíasdóttir. (From iceland, in icelandic) (Comedy) (2008)M(N, s, l)

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